Prayer for MPs

On Thursday 8 July, MPs will come together to debate and discuss solutions and issues around household debt incurred as a result of Covid-19.

Before the debate, we’re praying for our MPs and those who are weighed down by debt today.

Loving God,
We thank you for the abundance of your creation. We celebrate that you have promised us life in all of its fullness.
Today, we remember and stand alongside those who have been trapped by debt because of the difficult times of the last year.
As MPs come together later today to debate how we might respond, we thank you for the free and open discussions of our democracy.
We pray that the debate today will hold at its heart justice and compassion for those trapped in debt.
We pray that those who are in power might hear the voices of the powerless, and recognise and support the needs of those weighed down by debt.
And we pray for a day of jubilee, a release from debt for families struggling to make ends meet, that all might know your freedom.


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