Creative prayers for Reset The Debt

Only got a minute and a second?

Press pause on your day.
Start a timer for 61 seconds and pray for the  61% of low- income families with children have borrowed money as a result of Covid-19.

Spending a penny?

Stick a coin on the back of your bathroom door and reflect on those who are weighed down by the cyclical nature of debt.

Only got a walk?

Jubilee instructions repeat the phrase: “Return to your property”

Go for a walk, and as you come back in to your house take the time to pray for the 11 million people who’ve had to borrow to make ends meet because of Covid-19.

Can’t leave the house?

Stick a note of blessing on your letterbox to counteract the fear of the arrival of bills. This might be your own worry, or it might the worry of others. You could try: “I am the Lord your God, I brought you out of the land of slavery.”

Feeling crafty?

Could you paint a stone with the word ‘jubilee’ on it? As you do, consider those who carry the weight of debt. If you are carrying this weight, you might find it symbolic to leave that stone somewhere else.


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